- Professor Mohammad Waheeb: funding the project entitled: “Documenting Jordan’s Wall (Shabeeb Path) by Using Techniques of Arial Photographing”. Fund is provided by Scientific Research Fund of MOHE.

- Professor Mohammad Waheeb: funding the translation project of a book entitled"Qaser Kharana in the Transjordan, by Stephen K Urice”. Fund is provided by Hashemite University/ Scientific Research Deanship

- Professor Fadi Balaawi: Continuation of progress in the project entitled: “Cultural   - Heritage and Sustainable Development in Jordan" funded by Newton-Khalidi-Fund

- Professor Mahdi az-Zu’bi: funding the project entitled:  "CHAELOGICAL AND EPIGRAPHICAL SURVEY OF AD-DESMEH AND AS-SAGRYYAT REGIONS" for the purpose of scientific sabbatical