Faculty Achievements

  • National and international accreditation.
    • National: All majors in the Faculty are nationally accredited.
    • International: Work is underway to accredit the Faculty by the AACSB during the next five years.
  • Re-activate all master's programs in the Faculty after completing all requirements of the accreditation body.
  • Dispatching sufficient numbers to obtain doctorate degrees to all departments in the Faculty to ensure the efficiency of the educational process and the continuity of accreditation for the future.
  • Appointing a number of qualified PhD and Masters Degree holders in the departments to meet the needs of the interim departments.
  • Allowing students from inside and outside the University of Various Disciplines to transfer to the Faculty and its specializations.
  • The Faculty’s participation in many competitions and winning many prizes.
  • Obtaining scholarships for students from external and internal bodies.
  • Securing many jobs for students through employers communicating with the Faculty because of the high reputation of the Faculty for its graduates.
  • Helping many outstanding students obtain admission for graduate studies from reputable universities and sponsor many of them.Approval of the creation of the Marketing Department to become the fifth department in the Faculty and the localization of the digital marketing specialization in it.