vision & mission

An Overview:
Queen Rania Faculty for Childhood (QRFC) was established at the Hashemite University (HU) in 2002, and it is the only specialized college in the field of childhood in Jordan.

QRFC Vision:
Given the unique fact that the Hashemite University is the only university locally and within the Arab region that has a college specialized in Childhood, the faculty's vision is to develop educational programs and to provide training programs in the fields of early childhood and special education by which the college can become an acknowledged local, regional and an international center for providing quality services and specialized expertise experiences for children from all different categories. The college  also aims to provide its students from all different specialties with the skills and knowledge  and attitudes they need to prepare for their professional future careers, as well as professionally developing its staff members in order to raise up the quality of services offered to students. QRFC also aspires to excel in cooperating and building partnerships with institutions and centers working in the field of childhood and special education.
QRFC Mission:
The mission of our faculty is to provide the local and Arab institutions with professional and qualified specialists in the fields of early childhood and special education through the provision of teacher education  programs in accordance with international standards.
The Faculty has two academic departments:
A- Department of Child Education:
This department offers a bachelor degree in early childhood education. The ultimate goal of this program is to prepare qualified in-service teachers to educate and work with children, and their families. The number of credit hours for obtaining a bachelor degree in this specialization is 132 credit hours.
B- Department of Special Education:
The department of special education offers a Bachelor degree in Special Education. This program aims to prepare qualified personnelto work in social and educational institutionswith children with disabilities and gifted. The program consists of 132 credit hours.

Academic Degrees offered by QRFC:
• Bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education
• Bachelor degree in Special Education

   QRFC Objectives:
• Preparing qualified and trained human resources who are able to work effectively in the field of early childhood settings with children and families.
• Preparing qualified and trained human resources who are able to effectively work in the field of special education with children with disabilities and gifted children.
• Fostering the personality of our faculty students by providing them with opportunities for volunteering and supporting their initiatives in cooperation with the local community in order to provide students with quality experiences.
• Providing educational and psychological counseling for institutions that deal with children and their families, in addition to providing diagnostic and therapeutic services for the problems associated with children and their families.
• Providing in-service training opportunities for staff working in institutions, centers, kindergartens and special education programs in order to raise their competence and develop their methods of dealing with and caring for children.
• Conducting research and scientific studies specialized in the field of early childhood and special education.
• Developing the university's children's nursery that was established to care for the children of mothers working at the university, to become a research center.
• Communicating with local community institutions and prestigious Arab and international universities to conduct joint scientific research, international projects, conferences and workshops, and raise the efficiency of college students.
• Improving the efficiency of faculty members in all fields of research and academic-teaching which are based on technology.