Learning outcomes of bachelor of BIT

 Learning Outcomes for Business Information Technology Bachelor Program upon the successful completion of program requirements, the graduate is expected to be able to: 
1.Demonstrate professional communication skills within IT and/or business teams.
2.The ability to use the latest technology and tools to achieve organizational objectives.
3.Describe the component of information systems and the ability to analyze, design, and develop IS to support business decisions and procedures.
4.Demonstrate the skills of developing database solutions; analysis, design, implementation, backups, maintenance, mentoring, and applications development. 
5.Show the skill of critical thinking and analysis to achieve the best administrative decisions.
6.Understand the fundamental principles of communication, business networks, and security elements of information systems.
7.Describe the ethical and legal issues of Information Technology in the business environment.
8.Analyze organizational requirements and issues, apply relevant knowledge and techniques to come up with solutions, and make recommendations.