Awards / Honors

Students of the Computer Engineering Department won the second place in the international
information technology competition organized by Zayed University - United Arab Emirates

The students of the Computer Engineering Department participated in the International Information
Technology Competition organized by Zayed University (United Arab Emirates) in cooperation with the
Software Engineering Research Laboratory (GELOG) Montreal, Canada. Three teams of students of the
Computer Engineering Department, under the supervision of Eng. Ghada Al-Mashaqba, participated in
the Programming Project category. The three projects presented in the first phase of the competition
won. 118 projects for students from 42 universities in In 17 countries, 45 projects were accepted in the
first phase, including the three projects submitted by the Department of Computer Engineering, and the
3D Healthy City project won the second place, and the engineer Ghada Al-Shaqeba was honored by the
competition administration for motivating a large number of students to participate in the competition.
The award consisted of certificates of appreciation and a financial prize of 7000 dirhams.

Projects that participated in the competition:

First project: 3D Healthy Town
The leading team: Doaa Saleh, Doha Hamdan, Baraa Al-Hourani, Sally Abu Sneina
The project is a three-dimensional integrated health city that aims to support the field of e-health, which
is an interactive e-health system that supports both physical and spiritual health in a very simple
approach, and at the same time in an accurate and effective manner. It is designed in the form of a
three-dimensional city using high-tech programming and graphic design. It assists the user in many
related fields including healthcare: medical services, fitness, nutrition, structured diet, music therapy,
and healthcare exercises in the form of reminders for computer users.

The second project: Happy English Tutor
The advanced team: Ahmed Moussa, Laith Ibrahim, Abdullah Nasr
The project aims to provide an engaging way for children to help them learn English. Its design is based
on the use of graphics, music and games to make the learning process more effective. The application is
designed in the form of 2D rooms, each room uses pictures, music, and games to make the learning
process more effective and enjoyable. The first room is the main institution, in this room the child is
taught the alphabet and some vocabulary of each letter. Also, we give him a little quiz to see if he
memorizes what he has learned in class. We used the second room of numbers, many ways to make
them very good at counting and also give them a test to make sure the child knows what has been
presented. The third room is the animals’ room, here the child will learn some vocabulary about them.
The last room on fruits and vegetables for their English vocabulary.

The third project: Baby Care Organizer

The leading team: Batoul El Harrasis and Riham El Toubassi
An easy-to-use application to help the mother to track and care for her baby and his needs such as child
vaccinations, child growth, information about his food, and more It provides reminders to help parents
remember doctors' appointments, annual hospital visit, immunization and vaccination schedule. Also, it
provides the mother with useful information regarding issues relating to her baby.