The achievements of the Basic Sciences Department were at all the levels that were included in the implementation of the strategic plan of the College of Science are as follows:

  • Preparing committees and studying the issue of international accreditation ABET standards
  • Conducting several meetings with the professors, members of the department, to consolidate social relations among the faculty members
  • Participation in the evaluation meeting of the ABET for the College of Engineering and the committee met with the head of the department and some colleagues. The committee reviewed the materials studied by the Department of Supportive Scientific Materials and serves the students of the College of Engineering. There was talk about educational outcomes, results and evaluation methods. The committee came out of the Department of Supportive Scientific Materials with a good impression.
  • The Basic Sciences Department provided the Civil Engineering Department with the ABET files
  • The Basic Sciences Department has provided the Department of Civil Engineering with the ABET files for Computer programming course.
  • Holding several meetings in the department
  • Preparing the vision, mission and goals of the Basic Sciences Department
  • Preparing a brochure for the Basic Sciences Department in both languages; Arabic and English.
  • The work of a follow-up committee to file the materials for ABET and set exam standards.