Stratigic Plan

First: The origins of the department:

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences was established in 1995 within the College of Sciences and Arts, then it became part of the Institute of Land, Water and Environment, which was established at the beginning of 1999. The institute was transformed into a college under the name of the College of Natural Resources and Environment in the year 2003 to be interested in the multiple academic scientific fields and research that It aims to develop and protect natural and environmental resources.

Department graduates can contribute in the following areas:

    Evaluation of the raw materials and natural resources of the industry.
    Evaluate the environmental impact of mining and prospecting for ores.
    Purification of wastewater using local materials.
    Consulting in the field of drilling underground wells.

The faculty members in the department are linked to the implementation of research projects with international and local institutions. It is also linked to the community through the work of scientific research that helps solve many local problems.

Second: The Department's Vision and Mission:

The mission of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences is to enhance the participation of the Hashemite University in geological and environmental issues that are of particular concern to the local community. The department works to maintain very close relations with society by conducting scientific research that contributes to solving geological and environmental problems, which will help in sustainable development and preservation of natural resources.