Strategic Plan

Since its establishment (1999/2000), the Faculty of Nursing has created a strategic plan to implement the Faculty vision and achieve the mission. The strategic plan delineates the strengths and weaknesses of the Faculty and its programs as well as Opportunities and Threats that may affect implementing the vision and achieving the mission. The Faculty of Nursing at the Hashemite University (HU) is working to enhance the Strengths and Opportunities, and eliminate the Weaknesses and Threats. 

The major strengths of the Faculty of Nursing include a) a robust program that focuses on modern well-structured pedagogical methodologies such as critical thinking, evidence-based practice, problem solving and information technology; b) young staff; and c) a coherent plan toward sponsoring high rates of PhD candidates in overseas universities. The weaknesses are limited to the Faculty infrastructure and shortage of the workforce. We are using every possible resource and opportunities to enhance the infrastructure of the Faculty and the program including a new building structure, specialized simulation and computer labs, and reliable health care centers for training purposes.  

At our Faculty of Nursing, we kept performing all the initiatives of Quality Assurance that were originally assessed by American external reviewers. We are looking forward to recruit more qualified faculty members and working on a plan to increase incentives to enhance faculty job satisfaction. We already started different students and staff development programs to enhance students' enrollment and retention as well as faculty retention. In addition, we are creating master in nursing programs to serve the community. We are working on the strategic plan of 2017-2020 to achieve our goals that will contribute to serving the national and Arab communities and the nursing profession.

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