Hydrological Processes
•    Flood water and rainwater harvesting
•    Flash flood prediction and management
•    Hydrological processes in arid conditions
•    Groundwater recharge
•    Climate change and variability
•    Urban floods
•    Domestic water management and supply

Soil and Water Conservation
•    Soil erosion and conservation
•    Rain-fed agriculture
•    Drought and desertification
•    Water conservation measures

Agricultural Engineering and Management
•    Irrigation management
•    Agricultural practices
•    Crop production in desert climate
•    Crop production with saline water
•    Organic Waste management
•    Food trade and virtual water

Water Treatment and Technology
•    Wastewater treatment
•    Treated wastewater reuse
•    Water quality and pollution control
•    Non-conventional water
•    Water/Energy/food nexus

Socio-Economic Water Studies
•    Education
•    Water and communities
•    Humanitarian crisis and water
•    Water policy and governance