1. Accounting specialization is one of the main disciplines that the demand for it does not end in the local labor market, whether it is at the level of the private sector, represented by public shareholding companies, small and medium-sized companies, and individual projects, or at the level of the public sector, represented by ministries, departments and various government institutions in addition to the military and security agencies and charities And non-profit organizations and civil society institutions.

2. In addition to the needs of the local market, the regional demand, especially in the Gulf countries, constitutes an additional market and a marketing window for Jordanian competencies who hold this specialization. 3. The committee recommends working to develop the major and increase the competitiveness of graduates from it through the following initiatives:

A. Focusing on practical skills and applications based on computer and various accounting software in teaching specialization subjects and can be represented by its agent in Jordan, which allows students to practice QUICKBOOKS in this context, activating the agreement of understanding between the university and the accounting courses company using the aforementioned software to enhance their practical skills.
B. Developing the study plan by adding a material for auditing the practical side in addition to a course for field training to be carried out under direct supervision and control from the department to develop students' practical skills in the real work environment.

 C. Activating the professional paths of the specialization by harmonizing the study plans and the vocabulary of the subjects between the academic requirements and the requirements of the professional certificates so that the student is relatively prepared to take the professional examinations after graduation, which gives him a high competitive and promising career path in the labor market.

D. Concluding agreements between the university and local, regional and international professional bodies to achieve professional accreditation for the specialization and enhance job opportunities for its graduates Given what this accreditation means in terms of scientific distinction for the department, college and university.

F. Given what this accreditation means in terms of scientific distinction for the department, college and university. AACSB e. Walk in the international accreditation procedures for the major

4. In light of the availability of sufficient numbers of colleagues, faculty members and scholarships in the accounting department, the committee recommends the following proposals:

a. Creating a specialized doctoral program and in fellowship with one of the American or British universities specialized in this type of program, so that the student spends at least one semester in that university.

B. Creating specialized Master of Accounting programs (Master of Accounting / Auditing and Internal Control, Master of Accounting / International Accounting and Financial Reporting, Master of Accounting / Management and Cost Accounting, Master of Accounting / Accounting Information Systems and Business Intelligence

C. Work to increase the capacity of the current programs in the specialization, whether for undergraduate or postgraduate programs (Masters in Accounting and Finance)