• Rules of Procedure
Article (1): The Discourse Analysis Lab is an academic research body housed in the Faculty of Arts at the Hashemite University targeting mainly the faculty members and postgraduate students at the different departments, the activities of which will be within the multifaceted fields of discourse analysis.
Article (2): The lab will be supervised by an administrative body of four faculty members headed by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts as long as s/he is in office and will be occupying the official position of lab director. Each department at the Faculty will be represented by one of its interested members in this body which is formed by a faculty council decision for two years.
Article (3): Members of the lab will be academic staff from the Faculty of Arts at the University and postgraduate students, and they may include interested staff members from other colleges of the University if approved by the majority of the administrative body members.
Article (4): An advisory board will be formed as recommended by the Administrative Body and by a faculty council decision lasting for three years that can be renewable consisting of a group of prominent scientists in the field of discourse analysis from Jordan and other countries.  
Article (5): The Administrative Body forms a number of specialized committees for two years that can be renewable, the duties of which will help the Administrative Body in implementing its action plan. These committees include:
a. The lab electronic website committee
b. Public and external relations committee
c. Publication, seminars and conferences committee.
Article (6): The Administrative Body forms a number of research teams in the departments, each consisting of five members, four faculty members and one postgraduate student. These teams can seek support from other colleagues and graduate students from other departments to conduct research and studies in the different genres of discourse analysis. 
Article (7): The Lab Director will appoint one of the Faculty’s administration staff as the Lab’s administrator for one renewable year in return for a financial reward to be determined later by the Administrative Body.
Article (8):  The Administrative Body puts an implementation plan for two years that includes the suggested research track, brochures to be issued, seminars, conferences to be held, achievements of the electronic site and communication with other labs abroad.