The Department of Information Technology at the faculty of Prince Al-Hussein Bin Abdullah II for IT offers a Bachelor degree in Cybersecurity. Upon completion of the degree requirements of this program, students will obtain a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, which prepares highly trained professionals in the field of Cybersecurity. The significance of this program arises from the fact that it addresses the issues of computer information systems, databases, and their security, as well as how to use information and communication technologies and computer applications in a safe and secured manner. Today's challenge is not so much in providing IT products and services as in determining how to use them securely, whether in school, daily practice, or social networks.
All computer and communication systems have a noticeable need for protection from all types of cyber-attacks and hacking. The cybersecurity program aims to prepare professional and highly qualified manpower specialized in the field of cybersecurity as well as to meet the job market's demand for graduates with suitable capabilities in various domains of cybersecurity specialization.
The requirement for obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Cyber Security is (132) credit hours based on an approved plan. The credit hours are distributed as follows: (27) credit hours are university requirements, (22) credit hours are faculty requirements, (71) credit hours are mandatory major requirements, and (12) are elective major requirements.
The Cyber Security program covers the following areas of knowledge:
Networks Management, Information Assurance and Privacy, Cyber Forensics, Network Security, Software Security, Malware Analysis, Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing, Applied Cryptography, and Database Security.