Attendance Policy & Instructions


For each course, class attendance is mandatory. Students are expected to comply with the Hashemite University rules for absence and reporting student excuse for absence from class. No more than 15% unjustified absences will be permitted and excused. Five or more absences (excused or unexcused) will lead to an automatic failure in the course. Students are required to wisely and consistently contribute to the weekly seminar discussions. Only full participation will assure that you receive full marks for the course assessment criteria.
Missed class time results in a missed opportunity for learning and growth. Each and every absence from class will impact a student’s grade in class participation. There is no possibility to make up a missed seminar session. A session with your professor may or may not be possible and cannot duplicate the collective conversation. As a result, our policy on attendance is extremely strict.
Once any student has any comment or question concerning the class, lecture topics and his personal development, please don’t hesitate to contact the instructor(s). Cell phones are not allowed in class. Computers in class should be used for course material only. Cheating during exams is strictly prohibited and might expose students to severe penalties.