Laboratories and Facilities

- There are specified classrooms belongs to the department, They are equipped for E-Learning (i.e., they have a PC and a data-show installed).
- The department has a computing room for students with 35 PCs Core i 7, and a data-show project. Also we have a server for scientific research that has 48 Cores processor.
- There are labs to serve our academic curricula: the Practical Labs and the Research Labs.

Current Labs

  1. Digital Logic Lab
  2. Microprocessors Lab
  3. DIC and Embedded Systems Lab
  4. Maintenance Lab
  5. Computer Networks Lab
  6. Wireless Networks
  7. Software Lab 
  8. Robotis Resarch Lab 



Future Labs:

The HU high performance Computing lab
Will be  part of the Dept. of Computer Engineering (CPE) at HU in Zarqa, Jordan. Future Plans is to prepare the HPC lab to open opportunities in both research and academics for both students and faculties. Possible research fields  are Supercomputing incl. Cluster, GRID and Cloud computing, Parallel algorithms for novel architectures and accelerators including GPUs and Zion phi architecture, Performance analysis and benchmarking of HPC platforms, and more.

The HP will be established on 3 phases over 5 years. Estimated cost is about $2,000,000.00. Lab major components are 128 core shared memory system, set of GPUs connected on a host, Zion phi farm on a host, and Blue Gene Rack.