Computer Science and its Applications at the Hashemite University offers bachelor degree in Computer Science. The students are required to complete (132) credit hours designed as a whole to provide them with a complete understanding of the analysis, design, and development of Computer Systems.
The Minimum requirements for obtaining a bachelor's degree in computer science and its applications are (132) credit hours based on an approved plan. The credit hours are distributed as follows: (27) credit hours are university requirements, (22) credit hours are faculty requirements, (71) credit hours are mandatory major requirements and (12) are elective major requirements.
The areas of knowledge covered by the computer science program are:
- Computational science and algorithms: Discrete mathematics, data structures, algorithms, computer theory.
- Programming: visual programming, Internet application programming.
- Main computer components (hardware): digital logic design, computer design and architecture
- Networks: Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, Network Security.
- Information science and applications: software engineering, databases, systems analysis and design.