B.Sc. Degree

In Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS)

The present bachelor program is designed to students who would like to work in industry and research labs, hospitals and clinics. Enrolled students in this program will cover different aspects of medical laboratory sciences (MLS) including; clinical chemistry, clinical hematology, clinical immunology, microbiology and diagnostic molecular genetics. In addition to the general compulsory courses, students can choose from elective courses that meet their individual requirements and research interests. Upon completion of the B.Sc. program requirements, candidates will be awarded B.Sc. degree in MLS.

The field of MLS has a vital role in collecting the information needed to determine the presence, extent or absence of disease and provide valuable data for the doctors needed to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment to give the best care to an ill or injured patient. The MLS department was established at 10/11/1998, while teaching did not start until the beginning of the academic year 1999/2000. It offers a BSC degree in MLS for students who are interested in rewarding career in analytical biomedicine. The students earn through this four-year program, special laboratory skills and provide community with highly skilled medical laboratory technologists able to work in public or private hospitals and laboratories, health and blood bank centers and research institutes.

Our main objectives are to provide the community with professional medical technologists who will contribute to the health care through performance, reporting, interpreting and correlating of laboratory tests. We aim to provide the clinical laboratory program with continues updates, knowledge and the use of high computer skills in medical laboratory teaching and training to meet scientific and technological development. As for our local community, we always strive to help through organizing special medical workshops for medical technologists as well as workshops for public audience. This is part of our continues-education program that helps medical technologists improve their skills and satisfy the demand of hospitals and private labs locally and abroad.