The title of final awards provided by the department are; Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Commercial Law, and Master in Accounting and Finance.

In addition to fundamental accounting theory, the accounting department provides students with coverage of the application of accounting and taxation concepts. The number of students was not more than 30 students in 1996, taught by three staff members. The current number of students is around 1000 students, taught by 20 staff members. The Bachelor of Science in accounting degrees is a 123-credit hours program. The curriculum includes financial and managerial accounting, taxation, business law and ethics, auditing, forensic accounting, accounting information system, and advanced accounting. It also includes basic business courses in economics, finance, marketing, and other business functions.

One of the programs provided by the department is the Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Commercial Law. This program is deemed to be the first in Jordan. It is originated in order to provide students with balanced knowledge in the legal as well as in the business field. Students of the program of Accounting and Commercial Law shall undertake to study nine legal subjects taught in English.