Tuning Middle East and North Africa (T-MEDA)
The Architectural Engineering Department at the Hashemite University is member of the Tuning Middle East and North Africa (T-MEDA) project number 43948-TEMPUS-1-2013-1—ES-TEMPUS-JPCR that had been funded and supported from European Commission under the Tempus program. 
Professorial architectural professors, educators, and experts from Middle East, North Africa and Europe had developed reference points and redesigned Architectural Engineering Degree Program in consultation with different stakeholders (academics, employers, students and graduates). This program is compatible, comparable, competitive, and transparent with higher education in Europe and other regions. It offers a concrete methodology as a universal tool for modernizing curricula to implement the competence-based approach and learning outcomes at the level of higher architectural institutions. 
The Architectural Department at the HU has successfully implemented the T-MEDA pilot program with aim to develop, monitor, improve, and enhance the architectural education program since academic year 2015-2016.
The implementation process is designed to advance and assure the quality of professional education. A contribution to a full implementation process supporting capacity building: continuous staff development and research into curriculum development, teaching, learning and assessment (scholarship of teaching and learning). One way of insuring continuous development and improvement of university level educational programs is to periodically undertake evaluation procedures in order to pinpoint areas of strength and weakness. Such procedures open the way for well-planned improvement strategies of educational programs. This fact is one reason why accreditation became a crucial and useful development tool of higher education institutions.