Library & Archiving Systems


Library Holding
The library holds around (183.000) printed books and (36.000) different items including periodicals, university thesis, reports and references, in various disciplines of scientific and humanitarian majors. Additionally, the library provides access for more than 300000 online books.


The Hashemite University Library offers the following services:
- Digital Library is an effective and easy-to-entry for library users to see the electronic content provided by the library through the deep knowledge portal, from inside and outside campus of university.
- Unified search system (Summon) is an advanced search system (a comprehensive search engine, a central search engine) that provides the ability to searching and entrance by easy procedure to all the sources of electronic information at the digital library.
- Radio frequency identifications system (RFID) that provides an effective means of managing the library's holdings and facilitating their use through easy access, circulate, and return.
- Online Systems & Integrated Library system.
- Ask a librarian through Help Desk & via E-mail.
- Photo Copy Services.
- Mutual circulation services and articles requesting: the university library allows its users to secure the accessibility to the contents of a large collection of libraries partner (Government Jordanian Universities, the British Library), and circulated through the library.
- Online Public Access Library Catalogue for searching.
- Audio-visual services are available to researchers and 20,000 reference in various disciplines.
- 3D techniques. This service allows users to print, photograph and view data in a 3D format.
- The Library of the Family and Childhood: The library of the Hashemite University has distinguished itself from other universities in Jordan and the Middle East by establishing a library for children.
- A number of cultural agreements have been signed between the Hashemite University and a number of foreign embassies in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and some local institutions. Some cultural corners were established in the library such as: (American Corner, Social Work Corner, Prince Al Hassan Bin Talal Corner ).
- Prince Al Hassan Bin Talal Corner: A specialized and well-equipped hall in a worthy manner of His Highness's global, regional and local status as researcher, scientist and thinker, especially in the field of interfaith dialogue and global cultural dialogue.
- The University Library provides a wide range of entertainment facilities, including access to the journals  and magazines as well as the means of viewing and watching films of various kinds, in addition to the possibility of using a set of interactive games (Wii).
- Providing Academic privacy sessions.
- Providing Specialized Hall for Master and dissertation defense.
- Providing an Open Budget to Purchase Books and references in different disciplines.
- Library special event support services (i.e.  Seminar rooms).
- Wi–Fi Services.
- Local community: The library and within the University's mission in the field of community service provide and facilitate the use of the available information tools and services to obtain the full text of studies and scientific research and use of audio- visual materials and readable materials as well as the use of publications and publications of its own the university.
- Group study rooms and cafeteria (Under Construction).
- Book drop facilities during off times.
- A Specialized Corner That Serves People With Special Needs Is Available In The Hashemite University Library.
- Monthly Activities & training program for new students.
- Document Delivery through British Library.