Awards / Honors




Awards / Honors


Dr. Mahmoud A. Smadi


1. Rudolf Hermanns Fellowship, UTA- USA; 9/2001-9/2004.


2. Scholarship Office of Graduate Dean, UTA- USA; 9/2004-5/2005.


Dr. Mohammad S. Widyan


1. The Second among the 27 Bachelor Students graduated in the same academic.


2. The Second among the 10 Master Students graduated in the same academic year.


3. Scholarship from the Hashemite University for Ph.D.  Studies for three years to Berlin university of Technology.

4. Thanking letter from the president of the Hashemite University for teaching performance.


5. Honoring From His Royal Highnes Prince ElHassan bin Talal For a Speech at "The   National Campaign  on Public Awareness For the Drivers of Change Workshop", the 15th Jordan Science Week "Science and Echnology: Drivers of Change", Royal Scientific Society: Prince Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT), May 10-12, 2010.


 6First Rank Award for Supervision the Graduat-ion Project "Ocean Wave Powered High-Energy Rare-Earth NdFeB Permanent-Magnet Electrical Generator" in the 6th National Technology Parade (NTP), Mutah University 2013.


Dr. Omar A.Saraereh


1. Scholarship by Jordanian Royal Court Office of Graduate Dean, Mu’tah University, 1994-1999.


2. Scholarship by Loughborough University- England 2001- 2005.


Dr. Issa Etier


1.  Prize of the Best team in the national technology parade 2008 for the project: Traffic Violation Automation.


2.  Second prize in the national technology parade 2010 for the project: High Performance Hybrid Vertical Wind-Solar System.


3.  Prize of the best female team in the national technology parade 2010 for the project: A DC Helical Wind generator for water Pump Application.


4.   Second Prize in the JESCO award for appllied Scienctific Resarch 2016 for the project: Solar & smart green house.


Dr. Osama Aloquili


1. Prince Turki Bin AbdElaziz Scholarship for Scientific Research 1998-1999.


2.  Dundee University Ph.D. Scholarship 1996-2000.


3. British Council, Partial Scholarship for Scientific Research 1999-2000.


4. Philadelphia University Award for Best Software development 2007.


Dr. Anas Al Tarabsheh 

1. First place prize (out of 37 projects) in the Innovation week in UAE in 2016. The competition was held in University of Sharjah for two days (Nov. 23-24, 2016).


2.   Runner up prize for the postgraduate category in the Future Generation Competition sponsored by the Middle East Electricity Awards (9 projects from the whole Middle East region were selected). Feb. 14–16, 2017, in Dubai World Trade Center, UAE.  .


3.  Shortlisted finalist in The UAE Robotics For Good. Feb. 16–18, 2017, in Dubai Internet City Amphitheatre. Our project was one of top 10 nominated projects out of more than thousand submissions.


4.  Successfully qualified to Round 2 of Challenge 22 Innovation Award sponsored by Qatar Foundation and FIFA. Our project was one of the 76 nominated projects out of 937 submissions. Doha, Qatar, Jan. 2017.


5.    Stuttgart University scholarship, 2006-2007.


6.    HU scholarship, 2003-2006.


7.    JUST: teaching scholarship 2000 – 2002.


Dr. Ahmad M. Al-Nimrat


Scholarship Office of Graduate Dean, CUNY- USA; 9/1995-5/1999.


Dr. Amr M. Obeidat


1. Graduate Research Ambassador Award, Watson School of Engineering at BU, Spring 2015.


2. Awarded full PhD teaching assistantship and tuition scholarship package at BU.


3.  Ranked among the top 5% of graduate class at UTEP in 2011.


4. Awarded PhD teaching assistant ship from UTA (9/2012 – 5/2014).


5.  Awarded graduate assistantship from UTEP (9/2010 – 5/2012).


6.   Member of Alpha Chi Honor Society.


7.   Member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society.


8.  Member of Golden Key International Honor Society.

             9. "Best Dissertation of the Year" by the Abu Dhabi Iternational Petroleum Exhibition & Conference(ADIPEC) in November 2016.

Dr. Haitham Al-Obeidallah

      Kathleen Mary Stott Prize for excellence in research.

      University of    York, U.K, 2020


Dr- Ali Hayajneh

                Newton Fund project winner 2020