Career Guidance

Career Guidance

The Hashemite University has established a career guidance office allocated at deanship for student affairs. The career's office aims to provide students with guidelines, hints and tips for their future career lives. The office organizes events and lectures that help students write their CV's or prepare for a Job interview.

The Civil Engineering Department understands the importance to bridge the academic sector with the industrial sector. The department of Civil Engineering organizes events each semester to introduce current students to the job market such as: construction site manager, water engineer, implementation engineer, roads and bridges engineer and project management, by inviting speakers from highly reputed companies and organizations. Examples for such events are shown in table below:




Fresh students Meeting

It is considered as welcome ceremony of the new students and the department chair give an introduction about the program.

Open Day 

Many activities prepared by the students, along with participation of CE organizations from the industry.

Scientific Trip

Faculty members take students on a field trip to visit CE sites for educational purpose like construction sites.

Scientific Lectures

Lecturers from CE companies or public institutions invited by the CE department to provide lectures for students about special CE topics.