Research Interests

- Data science and artificial intelligence
o    Artificial Intelligence.
o    Artificial Neural Networks.
o    Autonomic computing.
o    Big data Analytics.
o    Bioinformatics.
o    Business Intelligence.
o    Computer vision.
o    Data Mining.
o    Data Science.
o    Deep learning.
o    Image Processing.
o    Information Retrieval.
o    Machine Learning.
o    Natural Language Processing.
o    Pattern Recognition.
o    Real--Life Systems.
o    Virtual Reality.

- Business information technology
o    Database Systems.
o    Decision Support Systems.
o    Information System.
o    Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD).
o    Learning Automaton.
o    E--business.
o    E--commerce.
o    E--governments.
o    E--Learning.
o    Management Information Systems.
o    Mobile Learning.
o    Mobile Technology.
o    Social networking.
o    Web Intelligence.
o    Computer systems.

- Cyber security
o    Networks Management.
o    information assurance and privacy
o    Cyber Forensics
o    Network Security
o    Software Security
o    Malware Analysis
o    security and privacy in cloud computing
o    applied cryptography
o    IoT security and privacy
o    Database Security