Research areas

Clinical Chemistry:
Dr. Samir Mohammed Awadallah:  Investigating the association of genetically determined antioxidant proteins, such as haptoglobin, and other antioxidant enzymes with oxidative-stress related disorders among the Jordanian population. In this regard, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, and renal failure have been extensively investigated.
Miss Nisreen Abdel-latif M Nimer: Antioxidants, Oxidative stress in health   and diseases, Vitamins in health and diseases, Endocrinological changes in health and diseases, Tumor Markers, Breast Cancer, and Prostate Cancer.

Pharmacology and Toxicology:
Dr. Wesam Saleh Abdel-Razaq:  Neurosciences, Cell Signaling, Molecular Mechanism of Depression, Cancer Chemotherapy, Mitochondrial Dysfunction.

Molecular Biology and Genetic:
Dr. Manar Fayiz Mousa Atoum: Genetic polymorphism of cancer disease.

Dr. Hazem Mohamed Aqel Al-Remawi:   Isolation and characterization of thermophilic bacteriophages from Jordanian hot springs, Isolation and characterization of thermophilic bacteria from Jordanian hot spring, Extensive studies on intracellular and extracellular enzymes of isolated  thermophilic bacteria’s, Latency and replication of temperature-sensitive mutants of mouse cytomegalovirus in mice with collaboration with Dr. Clive Sweet (Biosciences, Birmingham University, Birmingham, UK).
Dr. Nasser Mustafa Ahmad El-Banna: Antimicrobial activity, antibiotic producing bacteria, optimization of the production conditions.

Medical Parasitology: 
Dr. Nawal Hijjawi: Studying the epidemiology of parasitic diseases, Molecular characterization of different parasites,   Diagnosis of Cryptosporidium in water and patients   infected with this parasite, researching the ecology of hyatidosis in Jordan.

Anatomy And Physiology:
Dr.  Hasan Mofleh Alkhateeb: My major research interest is to examine substrates (e.g glucose and free fatty acids) utilization by heart and skeletal muscle, and the factors that regulate such utilization. Also I am particularly interested in studying the mechanisms by which dietary and/or exercise modulates various physiological and biochemical parameters implicated in insulin resistance, a key factor of obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Recently I am highly interested in vascular endothelial dysfunction as a feature of many cardiovascular diseases.
Dr. Ezdin Ghalib Kaddumi: Neurosciences.

Miss. Muna Iraqi: beta-Thalassemia Major, Sickle Cell Disease, Thrombosis, Thrombophilic Mutations: FV Leiden G1691A, PRT G20210A and MTHFR C677T.