Research areas

Research and Development (R&D)

Research and Development is critical for the survival of the educational institutions.  Active R&D reflects directly on the quality of education. These activities are going to have significant impact on the IE department, the university, and the country.  Research Areas of interest are:

- Quality Engineering.
- Total Quality Management.
- Six Sigma.
- Quantitative Analysis.
- Statistical Design Experiment.
- Regression Methods.
- Engineering Statistics.
- Simulation.
- Work Measurement and Time and Motion Studies.
- Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering.
- Operation Research and Management.
- Project Analysis and Design.
- Project Management.
- Numerical Analysis of manufacturing  Process
- Modeling of Material Processing.
- Welding, Casting and Heat treatment
- Powder metallurgy.
- Manufacturing Process.
- Robotics and Artificial intelligence.
- CIM and CAD/CAM.
- Rapid Prototyping.