1. Scientific Day:

The College of Engineering sponsors and holds a Scientific Day that is open to the public. This day is held annually each May, where various graduation projects are presented and demonstrated to visitors, showing the technological innovations in the College of Engineering. This activity allows the graduates to meet with big recruiting companies for employment. It also shows the achievements of the graduates represented in their graduation projects.

2. Open Day with the Industry:  

In this day, the College of Engineering discusses, with industry representatives, a lot of issues related to their needs of engineers for the industry, engineering programs curriculums, and ways to improve the education in Hashemite University.

3. Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (JJMIE):

JJMIE is a high-quality scientific journal devoted to the fields of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. It is published by the Hashemite University in cooperation with the Jordanian Scientific Research Support Fund.

The Editorial Board is very committed to building the Journal as one of the leading international journals in mechanical and industrial engineering.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is supporting JJMIE; currently, Prof. Ali M. Jawarneh is the Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Ahmad AlMigdady, and Dr. Mohannad Jreissat is one of the acting Assistant Editors of JJMIE, the Journal is building its international reputation, the Journal is in the process to become an Elsevier publication.