Decisions of the Administrative Board of the "Speech Analysis Laboratory"

  • First: Formation of the advisory body of the "Speech Analysis Laboratory" in the Hashemite University for a period of three years from 1/1/2019 to 1/1/2022 of the following scholars:
  • Professor Ahmad Yousuf/ Professor of Linguistics/ Algeria.
  • Professor Ann-Kristin Jonasson, Professor of Political Science, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Professor Roger Allen/ Professor of Arabic Literature, University of Pennsylvania. USA
  • Professor Zyad Al-Zu’bi/ Professor of Criticism, Yarmouk University, Jordan.
  • Professor Sua’ad Abedelwhaab/ Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Kuwait University, Kuwait
  • Professor Sa’eed Yaqteen/ Professor of Criticism and Narrative studies, Morocco.
  • Professor Sa’eed Buhairi/ Professor of Linguistics, Ain Shams University, Egypt.
  • Professor A’mir Al-Hafi/ Professor of Fundamentals of Religion, Al-Bayt University, Jordan.
  • Professor Abdullah Ibraheem/ Professor of Narratology and Cultural Studies, Iraq.
  • Professor Abed Ennabi Isteif/ Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Damascus, Syria.
  • Professor Atallah Fashar, Professor of Law and History, University of Xian Ashour - Djelfa, Algeria.
  • Professor Fawwaz Abed Al-Haq/ Professor of English Linguistics, Yarmouk University, Jordan.
  • Professor. Safi El-Din Kharboush, Undersecretary of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, Egypt.
  • Professor Kamila Binti Ghazali/ Professor of Speech Analysis, University of Malaya, Malaysia.
  • Professor Mu’jib Alzahrani/KSA, Director of Arabic Institute in France.
  • Professor Monsef Al-Gabsi, Professor of Sociology, University of Sfax, Tunisia.
  • Professor Mawlay yousuf Alidreesi/ Director of the Laboratory of Speech Analysis and Knowledge Patterns, University of Cadi Ayyad, Morocco.
  • Professor Waleed Abdel-Hay/ Professor of Political Science, Yarmouk University, Jordan.
  • Professor Wajeeh Qansouh/ Professor of Philosophy at the Lebanese University, Director of Religious Studies in Jordan, Lebanon.
  • Professor Hisham Ghaseeb, Professor of Physics and Philosophy, University of Jordan.
  • Professor. Safa Monqiz, Professor of Women's Studies, Paris-Sorbonne University 3, France.
  • Professor Mauro Vanaken, Professor of Social Sciences, University of Milan, Italy.
  • Professor Evgeny Martynenko, Professor of Political Science, Russian Friendship University, Russia.

Second: Forming the following technical and scientific committees:

• Web site of "Speech Analysis Laboratory":

  • Professor Issa Barhoumah / Rapporteur
  • Dr. Bassil Al Mashaqaba / Member
  • Dr. Mahmoud Al-Azzam / Member.
  • Eng. Mona Batayneh from Information Technology Center / Member.
  • Aisha Hamdan Shawawra / Graduate Student in the Department of English Language and Literature / Member.
  • Rahaf Sulaiman Mohammed Al Sayed / Graduate Student Department of Arabic Language and Literature/ Member.

• Public Relations and External Relations Committee:

  • Professor. Sami Al-Khazandar / Rapporteur.
  • Dr. Kifah Al-Omari / Member.
  • Dr. Yahya Al Ali / Member.
  • Dr. Ahmed El Hassan / Member.

• Conferences, Seminars and Scientific Publications Committee:

  • Professor. Eman Kilani / Rapporteur.
  • Professor. Omar Al-Fajawi / Member.
  • Dr. Sabri Shaboul / Member.
  • Dr. Yousef Alimat / Member.

Third: To form research teams in the scientific departments that offer study programs in the Faculty of Arts. Each research team consists of five members; four of them are faculty members with a variety of ranks and majors, and the fifth is from graduate students. The research team can use other colleagues and other graduate students as needed.

Fourth: The research line for the current session of the "Speech Analysis Laboratory" is: "Speech of Hate and Violence", which has the following sub-axes:

- Hate speech and violence in literature.

- Speech of hatred and violence in social networking.

- Speech of hatred and violence in the political space.

- Speech of hatred and violence in the media.

- The other is hate speech and violence.

- Hatred, violence and religious discourse.

Fifth: Holding a conference on the discourse of hatred and violence.

Sixth: To hold a monthly seminar on one of the vocabulary of the research line.

Seventh: To award a prize for the best research in the subject for postgraduate students in Jordanian universities.

Eighth: The discussion of a book in the analysis of speech or speech of hatred and violence quarterly.

Ninth: Seeking the issue of a number of journal laboratory.

Tenth: Providing a permanent place for the "speech analysis laboratory" in the college.