Graduate projects

Graduation Project (1) : (1,3,0) Prereq. (0406310  &  2406322  &  2406325  &  Successfully completion of at least 112 credit hours)
The students start up their graduation project with the needed lituretur review  closely with their supervisors.
Graduation Project: (2) (2,6,0) Prereq. (2406498)      
The students employs their theoretical and practical experience that they gained through the period of their previous study to create new applications that strengthen their knowledge in his specialty.
Graduate Projects 2010/2011


Names of  students


EMG signal measurement and analysis


محمد نبيل الجميلي

مازن صلاح الخطيب

صالح صلاح ابو شمالة

علاء عبدالحليمالشيشاني

خليل محمد حمادة

Dr. belal AL-Tarabsheh

Motion Detection in MRI





أحمد حاتم الزراري

تسنيم رفعت الدباس

خالد فؤاد سونده

ليث زيد حدادين

ميسم علي درويش