Graduate Projects

This course includes practical operations of planning, designing, constructing, and managing a specific topic in the field of industrial engineering. Students are required to define the project's goals and utilize theoretical and practical experiences by applying them to the design and analysis processes in order to achieve the project's main objectives. Additionally, students must write a technical report that outlines the initial project model, system design, or engineering drawings, and the project is discussed at the end of the semester.

Graduation Project (1)

This module consists of one credit hour with the condition of successfully completing 120 credit hours. In this module, a group of students prepares and initiates an engineering project in one of the areas of industrial engineering.

Graduation Project (2)

This module consists of two credit hours with the essential requirement of passing module 1704031571. Graduation Project (2) serves as a continuation of Graduation Project (1), including the completion of the final report and the creation of drawings and details for the engineering project.