Advisory Board 


Continuous Improvement is embedded in the culture of HU. All Engineering Collage programs undergo assessment based on external accreditation (by ABET, and in the case of the Architectural program by NAAB Substantial Equivalency) or the Higher Education Accreditation Commission at Jordan (HEACJ) guidelines. The Department of Architecture and Design has a rigorous assessment plan to ensure program quality. At the heart of program, planning is an external Advisory Board. This group, comprised of active practicing and education professionals, regularly reviews departmental goals and curriculum, critiques student work, and keeps us apprised of concerns within the wider professional community, thus helping us to ensure a high degree of relevance for our programs.    
 In 2019, the Architectural Department reconstitute Advisory Board in order to bridge the gap between the academic and industrial parties, the Architectural Department council nominated eight members of various disciplines related to Architectural Engineering. The members of the Advisory Board along with their affiliations are listed in below. All members have a background in Architectural Engineering and hold middle/high management positions. They represent a diverse group of leading private companies, firms, and public organizations. The Jordan Engineers Association, which is the organizing body of the engineering profession in Jordan, is also represented in the committee. 


Name: Arch Rula Al Asir
Company: Alasir architects: Consultant in Low Energy Architecture & Sustainability
Graduated from: Bartlett School of Architecture / University College London - UK, 2005.
Contact No.: 079 611 7807


Name: Arch Bashar Al Bitar
Company: Al Bitar for Engineering Consultants
Graduated from: University of Jordan: Bachelour 1989, and Master 1997.
Contact No.:079 166 592


Dr. Murad Kaladeh 
Company: Sunna Al Aqar Engineering Office
Graduated from: Weimer University – Germany, 1987 & Doctor of Technical Sciences (Dr. techn.) from Graz Technical University in Austria, 2002.
Contact No.: 079 710 2553
E-mail: murad@kalaldeh.coma


Dr. Safa Alhusban
Al Albeit University, Architectural Department
Graduated from: Master degree from Jordan University of Science and Technology, 2007 & PhD from Washington State University, 2012.
Contact No.: 077 232 3043