I am pleased to welcome you in The Department of Information Technology at the Faculty of Prince Al-Hussein bin Abdullah II for Information Technology. Based on the vision of Hashemite University towards developing university programs and keeping pace with developments in computing sciences and artificial intelligence that the world has witnessed, the Department of Information Technology is established in 2020. The idea of establishing this department came in light of the changes in the fields of computing sciences, their integration with various other fields and the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which are mainly based on the science of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics and the Internet of things. The department currently offers three academic programs: a Bachelor degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, a Bachelor degree in Cyber Security and Bachelor degree in Business Information Technology.
Currently, a group of faculty members is working in the department, who work in a team spirit to achieve the department’s strategic objectives and contribute to keeping the pace of developments in the areas of digital transformation globally, upgrading the level of intelligent applications and services, and presenting them in an integrated and secure digital manner. In addition, the IT department seeks to enhance the research work environment, which includes the fields of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, data science, communications, networks and the Internet of Things - in order to reach scientific and practical leadership for the department's research fields.
The Information Technology Department is primarily concerned with building and developing study plans and educational curricula, in order to prepare graduates with the highest qualifications that contribute to qualifying them to be makers of renaissance and development. It should be noted here that the programs offered by the Department are approved by The Jordanian Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission. In addition, The Department of Information Technology is seeking to obtain American accreditation (ABET) for the undergraduate programs offered by the department.
I invite you to browse the faculty and department website to view the study plans and courses for the offered programs, as well as to view the list of faculty members.

Head of the Department of Information Technology
 Dr. Ahmed Aloqaily