About the department:

Welcome to the Department of Microbiology, Pathology and Forensic Medicine at the College of Medicine at the Hashemite University. This department was established in 2022, before that time it was part of the Department of Basic Medical Sciences in the College of Medicine. Our department is considered one of the distinguished departments with an active role in the college. 

Our department offers many general courses in pathology and microbiology in the first academic year of the "Doctor of Medicine" program at the university, in addition to teaching the pathology and microbiology components of module courses during the second and third years of the program. 

The department includes a group of qualified faculty members who seek to keep up to date with the latest methods of teaching and scientific research to prepare students who are proficient in basic sciences in pathology and microbiology and are fully prepared to enter the years of clinical training.

Please do not hesitate to visit the department page on the website for more information, as updated content has been added with all the details of the department, which will be of interest to students, employees and visitors.


Our department aims to be a leading department in the teaching of our students about diseases and their diagnosis through training, education, scientific research, and analysis of tissues, tumors, and cells. In addition, our vision is to be an international leader in academic pathology and laboratory medicine.

The mission of our department is to teach pathology, microbiology and forensic medicine and train students and researchers in medical applications, and conduct research in various topics of science to help graduate doctors who can treat patients according to pathology concepts as well as conduct cutting-edge analyses and research. In the Department, we are directly involved in educating the next generations of physicians in the field of medicine.

Our main values are to communicate clearly and honestly, respect each other, treat everyone equally and fairly, and be a coherent team.