Welcome to the Department of Banking and Financial Sciences

The department of Banking and Financial Sciences offers two bachelor programs in Banking and Financial Sciences, and Risk Management and Insurance. Also, the department offers a cutting edge master’s degree in Investment and Finance. The department of Banking and Financial Sciences is well-established in the faculty of economics and administrative sciences at the Hashemite University. The department team members include outstanding educators and researchers holding PhD’s from the world’s top universities. Moreover, study majors offered by the department the department play a fundamental role in the running of a business – big or small, and enable its graduates to pursue a broader range of career paths in public and private sectors. The department is always on the top of cutting-edge knowledge in finance and business and continuously updating the curriculum of the programs, embodying modern plans and teaching methods. Moreover, the department members coordinate with the local private sectors corporations to offer professional training and orientation opportunities to enhance the graduate’s employability and competitiveness.