About us

The department of public and cultural relations has different duties and roles related to the  position of the Hashemite University among other universities and to its academic, cultural and social value in addition to its excellence in developmental, pioneering projects and future visions. 
The department is the point through which the university is connected to the different parts both inside and outside the university, local, Arabic and international as well. 
The department was established in 1995 and the task assigned to it was collect and document all the data about the university in order to form a full image for the university and its excellence in the different aspects and on the different levels and making it accessible to the community. 
The department has three sections: 
1. The section of social media 
2. The section of public relations
3. The section of cultural relations 

The Aims:
1. Enhancing the cooperation between the university and the local community through inviting the local community to participate in the activities and giving it a full knowledge about the services offered in the university. 
2. Exploring and studying the needs of the community and reporting them to the decision makers in the university. 
3. Conducting researches, studies and polls related to the university services. 
4. Organizing local, Arabic and international conferences in addition to scientific, cultural and social seminars in cooperation with the different schools, departments and centers. 
5. Providing the delegations visiting the university with all services and hospitability measures and arranging different visits. 
6. Covering all the activities and publishing them on all media and enhancing the relations with the different media. 
7. Representing the university in the local, Arabic and international fairs.
8. Documenting the university activities through the various technological media.
9. Preparing gifts, memorial shields to be presented to the guests. 
10. Issuing publications reflecting the actual image of the university and its various achievements.
11. Producing documentaries about the university and its distinctive achievements.