1. Conduct a comprehensive review of academic programs offered at the university and make sure to specify goals and educational outcomes expected for these programs and to develop clear mechanisms for review periodically.
2. Develop and implement an integrated operation in the self-evaluation of academic programs and the preparation of self-assessment reports, adoption and diffusion.
3. Contribute to the preparation and follow-up work of the departments and colleges and institutes plans to implement public and private accreditation programs in academic standards.
4. Oversee the preparation of the strategic plan of the university strategic plans for various university faculties and the development of a clear mechanism to review these plans and assess their implementation periodically.
5. Encourage departments and colleges initiatives for facilitating academic credits for their programs and provide technical support and the necessary recommendations.
6. Cooperation and coordination with external assessment teams and facilitate their work and benefit from their experiences.
7. Coordinate with the departments and colleges to ensure a basis of quality and accreditation standards with the introduction of new academic programs.