1. Care and supervision to conduct courses and training workshops for faculty members with respect to: writing proposals for university projects with international bodies to seek support through international communication.
2. Holdingscientific workshops and courses for faculty memberswhich has relationship in developing and improving the academic process different positions.
3. Develop and integrate special instructions to "conflicts of interest", "bad behavior research" (fabrication or falsification or plagiarism) Research Misconduct  thatserving faculty members and researchers at the university.
4. Develop the knowledge and experience of the faculty members of the academic quality standards and self-assessment and accreditation by organizing specialized workshops and training courses.
5. Provide training and continuing education programs for faculty members opportunities through the updating of their knowledge of recent trends in university education and to improve their skills in their applications.
6. Accreditation of  Higher Education, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Hussein Fund for innovation and excellence, and others.
7. Provide sources of information and consultancy services for faculty members in the field of academic quality and modern methods and trends in university education guarantee.
8. Develop and implement and means of measuring the appropriate mechanisms to assess the effectiveness of all academic operations, including the performance of faculty and curriculum and methods of teaching and assessment body.
9. Prepare periodic reports include a review and analysis of the results of studies and evaluations conducted by the Deanship using appropriate means, methods and statistical draw general trends and make recommendations.
10.Provide a reference for the results of studies and evaluations conducted by the Deanship's database.
11.Contribute to conduct academic research related to ensuring the effectiveness of academic quality and academic processes.