Welcome to Deanship of Academic Development and International Outreach (DADIO) at Hashemite university, This site helps the faculty  at the university, and provides information about the Deanship. The Deanship, that established at the academic year 2016/2017, is one of the main Deanships at the University, which is done through a lot of processes and procedures aimed to academic development and raise the  performance quality.

The Deanship also aims to upgrade the academic work and elevate it to the level of international universities, improve global ranking of the university, and the expansion of international cooperation relations with international universities as well as to continue to ensure the quality of academic programs in various disciplines. The Deanship also aims to develop teaching and academic work at the university through courses and workshops, training programs and rehabilitative carefully prepared and organized by the Deanship, development of the faculty members capacity and raise teaching skills. As well as the goals of the University to communicate  with local, regional and international various academic organizations to facilitate the task of faculty members at the university who get funded foreign projects. we seek through his work as a team to continue the process of ongoing improvement in all academic and administrative aspects of the university, in an attempt to achieve a qualitative leap in the university characterized locally, regionally and globally, to achieve leadership and excellence as well as to improve the rankings of the University.



Dr. Mohammad Kamel Ahmad KHarabsheh