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Medical Insurance


Participation in the medical insurance shall be compulsory for students who are registered at the University and shall be optional for students who don't register in a summer semester. Medical insurance shall be effective following the payment of the university tuition fees and the medical insurance fee Medical insurance for each semester shall include the period starting from the day of registration till the day preceding the following semester. The medical insurance fee shall be determined as follows:
The medical insurance fees shall be seven Jordanian Dinars (JDs) for each academic semester. The fee shall be paid in advance and concurrent with that of the registration fees and shall not be recovered. Students' shall not be exempted from paying the medical insurance fee no matter what reasons there may be.

In accordance with the provisions of these instructions medical treatment shall include the following:

-Treatment at the students' clinic within the capabilities available,
-Medical services available in the external clinic of the hospital admittance into the hospital,
-Medical operations, radiological and laboratories tests and medicine within the capabilities available at the hospital,
-Dentistry treatment within the capabilities in the students' clinic, except medical operations and complicated root canals.

Medical insurance shall not include:

-Cosmetic surgery.
-Artificial limbs fitting.
-Infertility and contraceptive treatment.
-Pregnancy care prior and after birth and midwifery.
-Audio devices medical glasses and all types of external lens and
medical assisting devices.
-Special shampoos for surgery protection and tooth-paste
All types of vaccines.

An exception from the provisions of paragraph A above shall be the insurance that includes all accidents that result from students' working in laboratories workshops and field work when students' are carrying out their duties without any negligence and provided that they are treated at the hospital.
Examination and treatment shall be carried in accordance with the valid University identity card. Consulting the hospital shall be carried out through the University students' clinic and through an official medical transfer form the doctor on a proven from explaining the reason of the transfer. The student shall return to students' clinic after being medically examined and type of medication is being decided.

The hospital shall submit statements at the end of each month showing the costs of treatment and shall include:

names of students who have been treated at the hospital, numbers of identity cards, name of transferring doctor and date and time of the transfer, detailed statement of the names of students who have been treated at the emergency section in the hospital, showing the diagnosis date of treatment and the name of the treating doctor, doctors at the hospital shall decide the treatment services required by the student.

The stay at the hospital for all students shall be of a third class In case there are no available beds of third class, the University shall sustain the difference of cost of the second class. Medical treatment shall be a personal matter and the University identification card may not be given to any other person. Any student who abuses the use of the identification card shall be held legally responsible for such misuse. Cases in which the provision of these instructions do not apply to shall be returned to the Council of Deans to resolve. ....