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جامعة Bologna الأيطالية تطلق برامج ومنح جديدة



Kindly note that we have received the following Email and Attachment from  School of Economics, Management and Statistics- University of Bologna  announcing as mentioned below the opening of selection procedure  for the International degree programmes in various studies and scholarships

1-    Resource Economics and Sustainable Development (LM-56)

 web site: www.resd.unibo.it<http://www.resd.unibo.it> – email: cdlm.resd@unibo.itmailto:cdlm.resd@unibo.it


  2-   Tourism Economics and Management (LM-56)

 web site www.team.unibo.it<http://www.team.unibo.it> - email: cdl.team@unibo.it<mailto:cdl.team@unibo.it>




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