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Strategic Plan


    1-Establishing different language and cultural programs, including:

·          Arabic for business, economy, and travel.

·          Middle Eastern Studies Program, in collaboration with the University of Oklahoma.

·          A Partnership Arabic Language Program (2+2), in collaboration with a Malaysian University.

·         Masters Program for Teaching Arabic to speakers of other languages, in collaboration with the University of Oklahoma.

·         Semester Arabic Program for speakers of other languages.

·         Year Arabic Program for speakers of other languages.


2- Publicizing the Arabic Summer Intensive Program (ASIP) in Europe and Asia and increasing in-take.

3- Developing and modernizing the Language Center's courses and syllabi.

4- Incorporating e-learning within Language Center courses.

5- Preparing and writing new textbooks for the Language Center courses.

6- Teaching new European languages such as Italian, German and Russian and Asian languages: Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

7- Enriching examination database.

8- Preparing English and Arabic  proficiency tests.

9- Establishing the Language Center sections.

10- Establishing European and Asian Studies Resources Rooms.

11- Creating a local library including relevant books and audio-visual means.

12- Offering free- of- charge training courses that meet students' needs.

13- Exchange of expertise with local, regional and international language centers.

14- Strengthening collaborative links with different cultural attaches and different Jordanian institutions whether state or publics. 

15- Widening the scope of student exchange with different international universities