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About us


The Language Center was established at onest of 2005-2006 academic year in order to meet the needs of different faculties and the local community . Besides language teaching , the Center promotes openness, cultural, awarenees , excellence in language teaching and learning

We enjoy strong links with the Departments of Arabic and English , and we have distinguished relationships with the Cultural attaches in the the American , British, French, Spanish embassies


Goals and Responsibilitis

     1- Administering Arabic and English placements test for new students on campus .

     2- Teaching Mandatory Arabic and English Language Courses.

     3- Teaching  Arabic to non_native  speakers .

     4- Teaching  Foreign Language  (Spanish and  French ) for tourism students.

     5- Teaching  TOEFL preparation course for graduated students .

     6- Offering remedial language courses.

     7- Providing language consultations at national and international level.

     8- Organizing different cultural activities .

     9 -Offering language consultations and academic experts to the Center for studies and  consultation .  

    10-Guiding students to make use of scholarship chances offered by international institutions.


  Future Expectation

     1- Designing new courses for non_ native speakers of Arabic via_media Arabic and Business Arabic in collaboration with the faculity of Economics .

     2- Middle  Eastern Studies program  in collaboration with American and European Partners.

    3- A semester and a year  _ long Arabic program for speakers of other  language .

    4- In corporating e_learning within the Center Courses.

    5- Teaching new European Language such as German , and Asian Languages such as Chinese and Japanese . 

   6- Exchange of expertise with local , regional and international language conters.

    7- Strengthening collaborative links with different cultural attaches and different Jordanian institions whether state publish .

    8- Widening the scope of students exchange with different international universities.