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Dr. Sabri. Shehadeh .Y. Al-Shboul
Language Center
+962(05)3903333 - 3007
A message from the director

 Welcome to Hashemite University Language Center (HULC). Setting out from our realization of the significance of languages in intercultural interaction and research, we, at the center, in cooperation with both the Arabic and the English Departments, provide all HU students with fundamental English and Arabic skills that enhance their academic achievements through a score of mandatory courses in each language offered at the university level. Moreover, The Center attempts to prepare students to work through three newly-designed courses whose main objective is to equip students with essential business language skills such as managing and conducting interviews, and producing different types of texts including: a resume, a letter and a reply, a summary, a report, and translating basic Arabic texts into English and vice versa. In addition, the center offers six courses in Spanish and six other courses in French usually enrolled in by tourism students as specialization requirements and by other students as free courses. The Arabic Language program for speakers of other languages is one of the finest programs in the region. It obtained this distinction from the fact that its faculty has received their training in the field in the States while preparing for their Ph.D. Programs;  which means that they do know how to deal with learners of Arabic speaking other languages, and that they know how to create the best atmosphere for teaching. The center offers various levels of Arabic from Beginners to Intermediate to Advanced. We can also tailor semester or year long programs besides the Arabic Summer Intensive Program (ASIP) that is offered yearly. Finally, it is worth mentioning here that our courses are attentive to the pragmatics of each language, and that we do not adopt a certain approach to language teaching. Our instructors are fully qualified to receive questions and to respond to them. I hope you would enjoy your study at HULC, and I wish you every success with our courses. 

Dr. Sabri Al-Shboul