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About IRB


The IRB at HU is responsible for the following:

* Reviewing research applications involving the use of human participants.

* Providing certifications of review to funding agencies.

* Receiving reports of adverse effects resulting from research with human participants.

* Monitoring complaints from human participants.

* Advising faculty, staff and students on human participants review.


Please note that the Institutional Review Board does also review research involving animal subjects


 All applications will be read shortly after receipt. Applications that do not qualify for exemption or the expedited procedure will require review by the full Board. The Board's written response will generally be conveyed 1 weeks after its meeting.

Institutional Review Board at Hashemite University is registered at:

- Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)/Office of Human Research Protections (OHRP): IRB00006780

- Jordan Food and Drug Administration 


The Hashemite University, Tel: +962 (5) 3903333 Fax: +962 (5) 3826613 Email: irb @hu.edu.jo Copyright © 2011, All Rights Reserved.